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Current Projects
Viewpoints offers potential participants a simple online 
application process. 
Demographic requirements could include a specific gender, 
a combination of age groups, certain occupations, a particular racial or ethnic background or a blend of all of these variables. 
Projects continuously change so Viewpoints will consider applications for future projects. 
Strategic Marketing and Research most often seek the opinions of Specific Demographic Groups.
Our streamlined approach helps both the recruiter and the applicant know if the candidate fits the description required for a specific project. 
"I really enjoyed being a part of the group on Sunday, thank you for the opportunity, it really
made me think outside the box."
- Sean, Grand Rapids

"I sat on your focus group a couple of weeks ago.
I just wanted to tell you that it was one of the most
interesting things I have ever done,
I really enjoyed it!"
 - Angela, Bloomfield Hills
"I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to take part in your focus group, it was both thought provoking and fascinating, I had such a good time!"  
- Meghan, Flint

We are currently recruiting participants
for a Focus Group on Sunday, March 18, 2018
in Auburn Hills/Pontiac, MI.
Applicants must be:
1. A permanent resident of Oakland County
2. 25 years of age or older.

The focus group will run from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.
Breakfast & lunch will be catered.
Participants will be paid $150.00 cash. 

​If participating at this focus group sounds like
something you would be interested in, please visit
our application page and submit the questionnaire

Common Q&A:

Q. What will I be doing at one of your Focus Groups?
A. Listening to a few presentations and then giving your opinions (via group discussion and a few short written questionnaires) on the presentation topic, the presenters themselves, details you feel the presenter should include or exclude from their presentation, etc...

Q. Will I be required to sign up for something or buy something?
A. No. All of our groups are strictly discussion groups. We are looking only for participants feedback and opinions.