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About Viewpoints
Viewpoints gathers participants from all walks of life to assist with the people side of product and issue examination.

Focus group topics may vary to include; product comparisons, social matters,
hot political issues or the resolution of disputes about... well, anything.

In fact, anytime a group is assembled to consider aspects of a general topic or work through a specific problem, it could be considered a “focus group."

Our purpose is to help our clients develop and improve their products, concepts, and ideas by recruiting individuals willing to share their thoughts and feelings, both individually and in an open forum.

Individuals asked to be part of the exercise do not necessarily need to have any specific knowledge or experience in order to participate. 

What they must have is:

The ability and desire to listen and absorb information, give it careful thought and express their points of view.

Check out our Projects Page to see if  we are recruiting for a project in your area!